The current Covid-19 situation has placed huge pressure and limitation on the office / leisure & hospitality sectors with no real road map from the authorities about how this is to be adequately dealt with to allow business such as yours to return to what they do best which is serving the public, . . I wanted to bring to your attention an idea we have been working on.During the preparation of the designs we have taken the following criteria into consideration. The screens are to be light weight but robust The screens are to be easily transportable and stored The screens can be easily erected either by THWG staff or by operators if this is desired, and moved without technical input The screens are flexible to work with different types of furniture The components can be easily removed so they can be stored in limited space The finish is to be hospital grade anti-bacterial paint finish to a chosen colour to allow you a choice to reflect any branding The screens can be cleaned without any specialist cleaning agents or changes to your current operating regime The screens are temporarily fixed to existing tables by means of a clamping system to avoid permanent damage to furniture or the fabric of the buildings We have built in an accessible double glazed section to each screen, this would be glazed in light weight acrylic, the thought behind this was to allow menus or graphics to be located between the acrylic sheets to prevent the need for the public to handle menu’s Signage could be applied to the screens clarifying any guidance to be issued to consumers (potential App ordering or general ordering instructions) A service alert light can be affixed to the screens also Glazed desk screens for BOH or FOH areas Non automated Door opening systems External service areas External Screens Fogging / Cleaning of complete units We would advise you look on the following link which shows these products and the wider range available We are currently exploring the product with a variety of manufacturers and believe other than the above that best price and volume delivery will be key for you as operators and we hope to gain some traction to enable us to offer best price on any orders made. We would also look to provide layouts outline safe traffic zones and updated furniture layouts including the screen locations showing how the social distancing requirements have been met on a site by site basis thus providing a “one stop shop” to get each unit operational within a very short time scale, this can then be appended to any operational H&S statements / policy to suite the units as required for this and any of the other products mentioned. I have attached some initial feasibility sketches (prototype is in works) which are intellectually protected showing the concept, I would be more than happy to talk to you or your team about these further if you think these would be of interest, I hope we can assist getting you guys back doing what you do best.